If you plan to buy a front bike rack for yourself, you need to go through this article once because it will help you find out the best front bike rack for yourself. There are many options available in this segment, but I’m providing the best bike racks available in 2020. You can also use these front bike racks as small panniers because you can easily take water bottle key chains and other small items in it.

Tubus Front rack

This is considered as one of the best front racks available in 2020 because it is lightweight and is loaded with so many features. First of all, you can adjust this rail angle with the help of three Mount holds, which are available in it. It comes with a stiff body, And it also has steel tubes by which the repairing of rack becomes quite easy and feasible. This can withstand a lot of weight and it is quite flexible too. It can be adjusted according to your usage. it is available in two sizes 26 and 28 inches.

It costs you around 108 dollars. It has many useful features, but it comes with some flaws too, like many users have complained that rusting occurred after the paint gets eroded quickly, and the steel tubes are not that great either.


It can withstand a 40-pound load, which is enough for a bicycle, and it is compatible with all the suspension folks. All the joints in this front rack are double welded so that you won’t face any problem in the long term. It is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is quite good in quality. Many users have complained that this is quite dangerous because without putting anything on the rack, the bicycle sometimes becomes unstable due to old man mountain Sherpa. A good thing about this friend rack is it does not put Weight on the suspension; instead, it puts weight on the axle.

This front bike rack is 120 – 130 dollars, which is quite expensive.

Thule Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Rack

The Thule pack N’ Pedal tour rack can work with any type of frame material. It is constructed with tough alloys for extreme riding experiences. It is quite durable, and it has a powerful build quality. Instead of eyelids, it rather uses ratcheting straps to wrap around seat stays and fork legs.

This rack works best with Thule’s Hardware, but it can work with others too. It comes with a 22-kilogram weight carrying strength, which is quite impressive. This rack is constructed from aluminum and glass fiber reinforced propylene. The rack attachment system works perfectly fine. The company provides a key for a loosening rack.

It is quite silent. It won’t shake, and you don’t feel any kind of vibration while riding even at high speed in rough terrain.

It will cost you around 94.95 dollars, and it has fantastic reviews on e-commerce websites.


Origin8 Classique Cargo HD Front Rack

This original 8 Classique cargo HD front rack is constructed from aluminum, and it is entirely adjustable. It can efficiently work with any 700c Tire wheels. It works with almost all caliber break frames. Brand origin 8 is very reputed, and its products are quality-wise superior and durable.

If you have a disc brake on your bike, then you won’t face any problem with this. it is about 12 inches long and 14 inches wide it is quite sturdy, and It mounts very easily. its weight is about 950 grams, and it will cost you $55. Shipping charges may vary. It has the capacity to carry 25-kilogram weight, and it has a lot of attachment points for a different type of cargo. You can also adjust its height.

Bontrager Carry Forward Front Rack

Bontrager carryforward friend track it is a versatile and multifunctional rack that is easy to Mount and is relatively stable, it comes in a black matte finish, and it is a Lowrider style rack. safe and sound mounting is present in this bike.

Furthermore, it can carry a load of up to 30 three lbs, which is decent enough. The company Bontrager is providing you unconditional Bontrager guarantee in which if you are not satisfied with their product, we did a span of 30 days you can exchange or get a refund for this product. It is made from aluminum, and it has an above-average build quality. It is lightweight and robust, but it is not adjustable enough.

You can get this for 89.99$.

All these front bike racks are suitable. All of them have good reviews from thousands of riders. You can choose any front rack carrier from this list and you won’t feel dissapointed after using it.


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